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Environment and settings

Best settings in AutoCAD | Settings you should know while starting with AutoCAD
The environment | First date

Start Creating

Drawing your first object
Mastering the LINE command in AutoCAD
Angles and lines in AutoCAD
Circles in AutoCAD
Arrays in AutoCAD
Working with Layers in AutoCAD
Basics of Annotation in AutoCAD


Trim and Extend in AutoCAD
Selecting in AutoCAD
Move and Copy objects in AutoCAD
Mirror and Rotate in AutoCAD
Explode and Erase in AutoCAD
Chamfer and Fillet
Polygon and SCALE in AutoCAD


How to use the command window
How to make use of your mouse in AutoCAD
Convert Spline to Polyline
Convert line to polyline
Polyline VS line
Create an array around an ellipse
Measure the distance and angle between 2 points in AutoCAD
How to Calculate an Area in AutoCAD
Convert DWG to STL | Important for 3D printing
AutoCAD scale factor: Setup
How to scale in AutoCAD: Step by Step


AutoCAD quiz 00
AutoCAD quiz 01
AutoCAD quiz 02
AutoCAD quiz 03
AutoCAD quiz 04

Practice Exercises

Learn AutoCAD in 21 DAYS | Great series to help you learn AutoCAD 2D
AutoCAD exercise 00
AutoCAD exercises
AutoCAD exercise 01
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AutoCAD commands

List of all AutoCAD commands (AutoCAD 2015)
Basics AutoCAD commands

3D how-to Articles

3D AutoCAD drawing
Subtraction of objects in AutoCAD
3D Intersection in AutoCAD
How to unite 3D objects in AutoCAD
Drafting a 3D rectangle
Shell in AutoCAD
Save your life with the SPHERE command in AutoCAD
Sweep in AutoCAD
3D rotate in AutoCAD

3D Projects

3D Design project for beginners – AutoCAD
An easy Modeling 3D project
3D Design project for beginners – A Stool
3D design project for Beginners – A table
CAD projects for Beginners – 123D Design
Modeling a Vase in 123D design
How to assemble in 123D Design
Beginner’s tips – Autodesk 123D design
Design a mechanical part with Autodesk 123D Design
Modeling with AutoDesk 123D Design


AutoCAD vs Inventor
MicroStation vs. AutoCAD
Draftsight vs. AutoCAD